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We share our experience in the EV charging industry by offering independent EV charger and accessories reviews and connecting you with trusted EV charger installers. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about buying and installing an EV charger – we deliver clear-cut recommendations based on rigorous testing and data analysis.

We take our testing seriously, and our independence is paramount. Unlike most websites, we don’t get our EV chargers and accessories directly from the manufacturers. Instead, we purchase them on Amazon.com and other retailers, just like you would. This ensures the products we test are representative of what you’ll find on the market, not handpicked by the brands themselves. We keep these products for long-term monitoring and then resell them used locally when discontinued, minimizing waste.

Our custom-designed test benches guarantee fair comparisons, and we follow a rigorous testing methodology to deliver results you can trust. But transparency goes beyond methodology. Every review undergoes a thorough human analysis for ultimate accuracy.

Our Network of EV Charging Professionals

In the fast-paced EV charging industry, there are always new EV chargers and accessories released in the market, to stay ahead we engage with EV charger manufacturers, installers, technicians, and those involved in distribution and retail to keep up-to-date with the latest news on EV chargers and accessories, plus valuable insights on reliability and emerging issues. We have a mutual relationship with listed EV charger-certified installers for technical discussions and surveys to identify the best and most dependable products for you.

Our EV Charger and Accessories Testing and Experience

James Ndungu, our Electric Vehicle Geek Specialist, is continuously testing, reviewing, and monitoring EV chargers and accessories! He evaluates them in real-world situations, trying them with different electric vehicles and charging setups. This hands-on approach, combined with discussions with EV charger installers, gives us the most accurate picture of how these products perform. To stay ahead of the curve, James also undergoes continuous training from authorized providers certified by SAE International’s EV Technician program. This ensures he has the latest knowledge about installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting EV chargers.

How We Make Money

Electric Vehicle Geek features EV charger installers’ sponsorship adverts on our EV charger listing pages. These adverts help cover operational expenses and support the livelihood of the Electric Vehicle Geek team.

When we recommend products we’ve purchased, we sometimes use referral links. These links might earn us a commission if you buy through them, but they won’t cost you extra. They simply let the company know you found them on electricvehiclegeek.com.

This financial support through EV charger installers sponsorship adverts and referral links is instrumental in enabling Electric Vehicle Geek to continue delivering exceptional reviews. While our product referral links may influence the products we review and their placement on our platform, it’s crucial to note that they do not impact our unbiased testing and scoring process.

It’s worth emphasizing that companies do not compensate us for reviewing their EV chargers and accessories, nor can they influence us to rank or score them favorably. At Electric Vehicle Geek, our commitment remains steadfast in providing honest and informative reviews for our audience.


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