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Updated: 6/3/2024

We are passionate advocates for the electric mobility revolution at Electric Vehicle Geek. As EV enthusiasts, we strive to provide valuable insights and trustworthy information to our readers, offering a guiding light in the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles.

Our mission is to be your go-to resource for unbiased, thorough, and hands-on reviews of the latest and greatest EV products.

Our Perspective

  • We approach electric vehicles passionately and are passionate about sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.
  • We aim to empower readers with knowledge and make informed decisions in the rapidly growing electric mobility market.

Credibility and Transparency

  • Recognizing the importance of sustainable transportation, we commit to testing and recommending only products that align with our dedication to environmental responsibility.
  • We invest our resources to ensure credibility, purchasing and rigorously testing products before sharing our experiences.

Product Selection Criteria

  • We focus on reviewing cutting-edge and reliable electric vehicle products, avoiding gimmicks, and prioritizing items contributing to a seamless EV experience.
  • Our reviews are rooted in hands-on testing, user feedback analysis, and a critical evaluation of product claims.

Consumer-Centric Approach

  • We scout for the best places to purchase EV products, providing multiple buying options to help our readers secure the best deals.
  • Our commitment extends to supporting ethical consumerism and promoting options that benefit the consumer and the broader electric vehicle community.

What We Don’t Do

  • Electric Vehicle Geek does not accept sponsorship fees or any form of payment to influence our reviews. Our loyalty lies with our readers; we prioritize transparency in all our content.

Research and Thoroughness

  • Every article on Electric Vehicle Geek undergoes an exhaustive research process to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive information.
  • Our recommendations result from meticulous testing, ensuring that if it’s on our site, you can trust it has met our high standards.

Electric Vehicle Geek Products Expert Score Explained.

We continuously strive to improve our EV charger and accessory evaluations by:

  • Refining our testing methods: We constantly seek ways to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our testing procedures.
  • Adapting scoring criteria: As technology and user needs evolve, we may adjust our scoring factors to reflect the latest trends and priorities.
  • Keeping it relevant: We may add, remove, or revise scoring factors to ensure our evaluations remain relevant and informative.

These adjustments are designed to ensure our scores provide the most accurate and helpful recommendations for your EV charging needs.

Understanding Our Scoring System

We use a simple 10-point scale to evaluate each EV charger and accessory. Each point reflects the product’s performance within specific criteria. The more points an EV charger or EV charging accessory scores in any given scoring factors outlined below, the better its performance will be.

0-3.9 (Lowest Score)

The lowest score signifies failure or critical issues.

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and accessories that are in this range are not presented in electric vehicle geek products reviews; it tends not to be a good use of time for us and our readers if we purchase products or get sent products, install them and test and tend to perform badly based on our scoring factors (Outlined below) – we end up disappointed and don’t end up writing a review for the bad electric vehicle chargers and accessories under this category.

4.0-4.9 (Very Low Score)

Very low score, indicating a significant need for improvement

Electric vehicle chargers and accessories that fall under the poor category are disappointing. We purchased them or accepted them from manufacturers expecting something more, but the products scored poorly under our tests. This is like forgetting a NACS to J1772 EV charging adapter that you need to use in a Tesla public EV charging station – you were expecting to charge your J1772 EV but got the exact opposite. They had one task!

5.0-5.9 (Slightly Below Average Score)

Slightly below average score, requiring some improvement.

Meh. EV chargers under this category will probably charge your EV, and the accessories will probably get the job done, but we can’t recommend them because there is a better option in the market.

Electric Vehicle chargers and accessories under this category feel like expecting more range out of your electric vehicle despite the dashboard warning that you may or may not reach your destination, resulting in range and charging anxiety; there were better and safer options, such as spending a few minutes in a public EV Charger near you to refill your EV battery.

6.0-6.9 (Average Score)

This tends to be the threshold for recommending an EV Charger and Accessory.

EV Chargers and accessories under this category may not be good for everyone since we generally recommend EV chargers and accessories to many readers. Still, the products may be good for specific use cases, depending on individual needs.

EV chargers and accessories under this category feel like purchasing a used electric vehicle; you don’t know what to expect from it, especially when it comes to battery performance; it will get you from point A to B – and you are thankful, of course, and after a few days of using it, you will figure out its pros and cons that made you choose it in the first place – but it’s not exactly what your dream electric vehicle you were hoping for.

7.0-7.9 (Slightly Above Average)

Slightly above average, demonstrating some progress.

These EV chargers and accessories under this category have some things we love! These EV chargers and accessories are a solid baseline for products we can use daily.

EV chargers and accessories under this category feel like test driving an electric vehicle; the technology behind the brand-new electric vehicle is the latest smart technology, the battery range is superb for your daily commute, and the interiors and exteriors of the electric vehicles are amazing, and you are quite pleased with the electric vehicle – honestly! – but in the back of your mind, you know you are just one step away from owning one.

8.0-8.9 (High Score)

High score, indicating strong performance.

EV chargers and accessories under this category impressed us! They are intelligently designed and well crafted to do exactly what they intended and provide an excellent user experience.

We can compare EV chargers and accessories under this category with a hyped electric vehicle that you did a test drive, and it ticked all the right boxes, and then you finally purchase one, and you’re like, “Whoa. I get it – I get all that the hype was all about.” The same kind of EV chargers and accessories fall under this category. You have finally owned an electric vehicle, which is everything you hoped for.

9.0-9.7 (Very High Score)

Very high score, exceeding expectations significantly.

EV chargers and accessories under this category are a rare find. They possess incredible qualities, features, and value and are an absolute joy to use. They are so good that you must tell your family and friends about them, whether they want to hear about your new EV charger or accessory.

We use products under this category on our electric vehicles daily, and using them might be the best moments of our day!

9.8-10 (Highest Score)

Highest score, achieving exceptional results or exceeding all goals.

According to our frequently updated rating system, EV Chargers and accessories under this category are nearly impossible to find as new technologies and trends emerge daily in the electric vehicle industry. Suppose all products are made to beat our rating score by scoring our unbeatable 9.8-10 incredible score. In that case, we might as well just shut down the Electric Vehicle Geek website because they are the best EV chargers and accessories, and our job here is done.

EV Charger and Accessories Rating Score Factors

Our team of experienced EV enthusiasts has dedicated countless hours to meticulously testing and evaluating various EV chargers and accessories. We transcend specifications, delving into real-world performance and user experience to provide comprehensive assessments.

Our proprietary 100-point scoring system prioritizes factors crucial to everyday EV ownership, guaranteeing you select a charger that surpasses expectations. Discover what truly matters for a seamless and efficient charging experience:

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge and rigorous testing practices, we empower you to make informed decisions for your EV charging needs.


When reviewing EV chargers and accessories, we prioritize features as they account for 20% of the overall score. This reflects their importance in achieving the product’s intended purpose. We evaluate the functionality and usability of hardware and software features, comparing them to competitor offerings. Ultimately, we aim to identify which product offers the most effective solution to the user’s needs.

For Example, The Enphase IQ EV Charger scores high here; the hardware is durable and built for both outdoor and indoor use with a NEMA 4 enclosure, offers eight power and plug options to accommodate different electrical panels, and is ETL & Energy Star certified, this hardware features provide a reliable foundation. At the same time, the intelligent software unlocks its full potential through customizable charging profiles, automation capabilities, storm guard features, cloud connectivity and app control.

Real-World Usage Over Time

In addition to evaluating features, we delve into real-world usage, which accounts for 15% of the overall score. This involves a thorough 14-day testing phase to assess how well the EV charger and accessories perform in practical situations. This includes measuring charging speeds to understand how long it takes to charge a typical battery from a specific percentage and evaluating consistency to identify any potential issues like frequent power drops or malfunctions that could deviate from the advertised performance.

We don’t rely on performance tests as EV charger installers; we also take a hands-on approach by installing the EV charger and accessories ourselves and providing a guide on our installation set-up alongside each review. This allows us to gain firsthand experience with the installation process and evaluate its complexity for users. To provide a comprehensive picture of the installation experience, we consider factors like compatibility with existing electrical systems, the potential need for professional assistance, and the user-friendliness of the instructions.

Finally, we analyze the overall user experience by looking at the EV charger’s hardware and software aspects. This includes assessing the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the physical charger and the accompanying app (if applicable). We evaluate how seamlessly the hardware and software components work together to create a smooth and effortless user experience for everyday charging needs.

For example, the Enphase IQ EV Charger shines in real-world testing. Its eight power and plug options ensure easy installation by adapting to various electrical panels. Furthermore, the “Self-Consumption” and “Savings” modes empower users to optimize charging based on their energy goals, while remote control and monitoring through the Enphase app offer further convenience. The app also provides detailed data analysis of charging sessions, allowing users to make informed decisions regarding their charging habits.


After getting hold of the EV charger or EV charging accessory, we analyze the product’s hardware materials with the eye of an electrician; we delve into the material science behind the EV charger and accessories hardware, contributing 15% to the overall score. We assess the quality, durability, and suitability of the materials used as if we were conducting a detailed material audit for both indoor and outdoor-rated EV chargers and accessories.

Our evaluation focuses on three key aspects: quality, durability, and suitability. We examine whether the materials are high-grade and built to last if the product can withstand daily use as we tend to charge our EV daily, weather conditions, and if the chosen materials are the most efficient, considering weight, heat management, and environmental impact.

Example: The Grizzl-E Smart Level 2 EV Charger scores high here with its metal casing, providing superior heat dissipation, internal component protection, durability, and recyclability compared to competitors’ polycarbonate casings.

Durability Over Time

Our durability tests equate to 15% of the overall rating score and ensure your EV charger or EV charging accessory can stand the test of time. We begin by scrutinizing the materials, checking the casing for resilience against everyday wear and tear, and testing cables for flexibility and resistance to abrasion, oil, and chemicals. Plugs undergo rigorous conductivity and corrosion resistance assessments to ensure efficient electricity transfer.

We conduct real-world testing for at least two weeks following the initial assessments. During this period, if the charger or accessories encounter numerous issues, it results in a lower score, whereas experiencing fewer problems leads to a higher score.

For Example, The Grizzl-E Smart Level 2 EV Charger scores high here with its thick NEMA 4-rated aluminium casing. Featuring a NEMA 6-50 Plug and a 24-foot premium cable, it offers flexibility and convenience. Its aluminium quick-release mounting bracket and black EV plug holster simplifies installation and organization. UL-certified and eligible for federal rebates, it’s IP67 water and fire-resistant, with comprehensive safety features including overcurrent and overvoltage protection. Self-monitoring and recovery capabilities and built-in GFCI ensure reliable charging for your electric vehicle.


Our craftmanship tests account for 10% of the overall score. We assess how well a product is put together. We scrutinize material choices for durability and corrosion resistance and assess assembly quality and finish to ensure they meet our standards. We consider any loose casing, cables and plugs, blemishes, and other defects visible on arrival. Our thorough inspection goes beyond marketing imagery, ensuring the product’s craftsmanship matches its promised quality.

The Enphase IQ EV Charger sets a high standard for craftsmanship. Manufactured in the U.S. within dedicated South Carolina and Texas facilities, each unit undergoes meticulous crafting and thorough re-checks before leaving the bespoke factory. With a commitment to quality, every Enphase EV Charger boasts a NEMA 4 rating and is certified for safety by either ETL or UL.


We also assess the efforts put into the overall design of the EV charger and accessory, ensuring every design detail ensures everything comes together to offer a greater user experience; design and innovation account for 10% of the product’s overall rating.

Design assessments include evaluating user-friendliness, ensuring intuitive operation, and clear controls. Aesthetics are also considered, emphasizing seamless integration into its environment and visually appealing design. Additionally, durability is scrutinized to ensure the charger is constructed with high-quality materials capable of withstanding weather and everyday use.

We also assess innovation, looking for unique features or technologies that push the boundaries of EV charging. Finally, we consider future-proofing, evaluating whether the charger is adaptable to accommodate upcoming advancements in EV technology and charging standards.

The Enphase IQ EV Charger scores high here, offering innovative hardware and software designs; for example, the hardware installation accessories and design are tailored to meet various property electricity panel requirements and EV charging needs. With eight power and plug options, it ensures compatibility and flexibility.

Powered by intelligent software integrated into the Enphase App, users gain total charging control. Features like Storm Guard prioritize home and EV battery charging during inclement weather, ensuring access to power during electrical outages. Real-time data reporting within the app provides detailed session analysis, enabling informed decision-making. Every Enphase IQ EV Charger aspect is meticulously crafted, reflecting attention to detail and thoughtful design.

Monetary Value

The monetary value of an EV charger and EV charging accessories is accessed on hardware and installation costs, accounting for 10% of the overall product rating score. We ensure that the EV charger’s hardware price and installation costs align with the value it provides. This includes accounting for all necessary electrical work and additional accessories.

Our focus is not solely on affordability but rather on products that offer reliability, durability, ease of use, and responsive customer support for their intended purpose. We prioritize long-term value, understanding that a higher initial investment in a superior performance and longevity product can outweigh the cost of multiple cheaper alternatives.

Product Value

The product’s value accounts for 5% of the overall product scoring rating system. In evaluating EV chargers and accessories, we prioritize assessing their value proposition. This includes examining their effectiveness in addressing specific EV charging needs, such as range anxiety and charging speeds.

Ultimately, by reflecting on whether we would choose to repurchase the product if lost, we gain insights into its overall value proposition and potential impact on the EV charging experience.

Brand Reputation

In our assessment of EV chargers and accessories, we also consider the company’s brand experience and reputation, which accounts for 5% of our overall product score ratings.

We evaluate customer service responsiveness, warranty coverage, community engagement, and business practices. While product quality is paramount, a company’s overall reputation and commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and ethical practices significantly influence our evaluation process.

Expert Valuation

Our expert/ editorial evaluation accounts for 5% of the overall rating. Utilizing our expertise and experience, we rigorously evaluate EV chargers and accessories through thorough analysis and real-world testing, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

We scrutinize core functionalities such as performance, reliability, usability, and convenience, alongside assessing the value proposition, innovation, design, and company reputation. Furthermore, we account for unique product-specific aspects that may not neatly align with our standard evaluation criteria, ensuring a thorough and holistic assessment process.

EV Charger and Accessory Testing: Transparency and Improvement

We’re committed to providing accurate and reliable information to help you choose the best EV chargers and accessories. We understand that our testing process is complex, and there’s always a chance for errors.

Here’s how we ensure quality and transparency:

  • Rigorous testing: We use comprehensive procedures to evaluate EV chargers and accessories across various parameters.
  • Error mitigation: We have measures to minimize errors but acknowledge that they may still occur.
  • Transparency: We openly communicate any errors and actively seek your feedback for improvement.

If you encounter any errors or inconsistencies or have suggestions for our scoring system, please don’t hesitate to let us know [link to feedback form]. Your feedback is crucial in helping us refine our testing and provide the best possible experience for you.

Together, we can ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your EV charging needs.

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As a certified EV charger installer and holder of advanced certifications, including the EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program), Diploma in Electric Vehicle Technology, and Diploma in Engineering Fundamentals of Electric Vehicles, I provide expert guidance and in-depth reviews on the latest EV charging equipment.

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