EV Charging Map

A Comprehensive Guide to Public EV Charging

There are three main charging levels you will find on the EV Charging map, they include:

Level 1 EV Charger

The Level 1 charger uses the same standard 120-volt plug as your toaster, offering a leisurely charging speed of about 3-5 miles per hour. The Level 1 Charger is perfect for topping off overnight at home, it could be better for EV drivers with ample time for charging since this is a slow EV charger.

Level 2 EV Charger

A Level 2 Charger a 240-volt outlet (similar to your dryer), delivers a powerful punch, adding 20-30 miles of range per hour, perfect for daily commutes or overnight charging for longer trips.

DC Fast Charging

DC Fast charging stations pump out high-voltage direct current, adding 60-200 miles of range in just 30 minutes! Ideal for long road trips or when time is tight, they use unique connectors like CCS or CHAdeMO (depending on your car).

Understanding Outlet Types Available on the EV Charging Map

The EV Charging map contains various EV Charging outlet types as outlined below:

  • US Wall Outlet: This standard household outlet offers slow charging (Level 1) and is not ideal for public charging.
  • J-1772: This is North America’s most common Level 2 charging connector. Most EVs use this.
  • CHAdeMO: This connector offers DC fast charging and is common in Japan and parts of Europe. Not all EVs support it.
  • Tesla Roadster: This is specific to the Tesla Roadster and irrelevant to most other EVs.
  • NEMA 14-50: This high-voltage outlet can offer Level 2 charging with appropriate adapters.
  • Tesla S HPWC: This is specific to the Tesla Model S and X home chargers and irrelevant for public charging.
  • Tesla Supercharger: This Tesla-exclusive network offers DC fast charging for Tesla vehicles only.
  • SAE Combo DC CCS: This connector offers DC fast charging and is gaining popularity in North America and Europe. Some EVs use it alongside the J-1772.
  • Type 2 (Mennekes): This is the most common Level 2 charging connector in Europe and other regions.
  • Type 3: This is a less common Level 2 connector used in some European countries.
  • BS1363: This standard household plug offers slow Level 1 charging similar to a US wall outlet. While technically usable, it’s not ideal for public charging due to its slowness and potential overloading risks.
  • UK Commando: This industrial-grade plug provides higher power Level 2 charging (up to 43kW). Look for dedicated commando charging points, often used for boats or RVs.
  • Three Phase 32A (UK): This three-phase outlet offers even higher power (up to 22kW) but is primarily used for industrial applications and not readily available for public EV charging.
  • Europlug: This two-pronged plug is common in continental Europe.
  • AS3112: This is the standard Level 2 connector in Australia and New Zealand. It resembles a larger J-1772 but is not compatible.
  • China BG/T: This is China’s standard Level 2 connector and is incompatible with vehicles used elsewhere.
  • China BG/T 2: This is China’s DC fast charging connector and is incompatible with non-Chinese EVs.

Tips for Using These EV Public Station Outlets

Here is a guide on using EV Public station outlets:

  • Identify your EV’s compatibility: Check your car’s manual or manufacturer’s website to see which of the above-mentioned EV outlet types it uses.
  • Research availability: Use our EV Charging map to research the outlets near you and their availability.
  • EV Charging Adapters: EV charging adapters exist for some outlet types, but availability and safety vary. Use them with caution and only if approved by your car manufacturer.

EV Public Charging Networks Available on the EV Charging Map

Below is a comprehensive EV Public Charging Networks list available on the EV Charging map.

  • Allego: Allego operates one of Europe’s largest EV charging networks, offering various EV models’ AC and DC charging solutions.
  • BC Hydro EV: BC Hydro EV provides charging infrastructure across British Columbia, Canada, facilitating the transition to electric transportation in the region.
  • Blink: Blink operates a network of EV charging stations across the United States, offering Level 2 and DC fast charging options.
  • bp pulse: Formerly known as Polar Network, bp pulse is one of the largest charging networks in the UK, with thousands of charging points nationwide.
  • Chargefox: Chargefox is Australia’s largest and fastest-growing EV charging network, focusing on ultra-rapid charging stations along major highways.
  • ChargeNet: ChargeNet operates a comprehensive charging network in New Zealand, providing convenient charging solutions for EV drivers nationwide.
  • ChargePoint: ChargePoint is a global leader in EV charging infrastructure, offering a vast network of charging stations across North America, Europe, and Australia.
  • Circuit Électrique: Circuit Électrique is a major charging network in Quebec, Canada, offering standard and fast charging options for EV owners.
  • Electrify America: Electrify America is a leading EV charging network in the United States, with a focus on high-speed DC fast charging stations.
  • Electrify Canada: Electrify Canada provides a nationwide network of fast charging stations, enabling long-distance travel for EV drivers.
  • EV Connect: EV Connect offers a scalable charging network management platform and a growing network of charging stations in various locations.
  • EVgo: EVgo operates one of the largest public fast-charging networks in the United States, providing convenient charging options for EV drivers in urban areas.
  • Evie Networks: Evie Networks is an Australian charging network specializing in ultra-fast charging stations along major highways and key routes.
  • EVUp: EVUp is an EV charging network in New Zealand committed to expanding the country’s charging infrastructure to support the growing number of electric vehicles.
  • Fastned: Fastned is a European charging network known for its high-speed charging stations on highways in the Netherlands, Germany, and beyond.
  • FLO: FLO operates a comprehensive charging network in the USA & Canada, offering Level 2 and DC fast charging solutions with up to 98% uptime reliability for EV drivers nationwide.
  • GE WattStation: GE WattStation provides commercial and public EV charging solutions, including Level 2 and DC fast charging stations for businesses and municipalities.
  • Greenlots: Greenlots offers a comprehensive suite of EV charging solutions, including software platforms and charging stations, to support the electrification of transportation.
  • Ionity: Ionity is a pan-European high-power charging network, jointly operated by major automakers, facilitating long-distance travel for EV drivers across the continent.
  • IVY: IVY operates a growing network of EV charging stations in Canada, providing convenient charging options for urban and suburban environments.
  • myEVroute: myEVroute offers a range of EV charging solutions, including trip-planning tools and access to a network of charging stations across North America.
  • OpConnect: OpConnect provides EV charging solutions for businesses, government agencies, and property owners, focusing on smart charging technologies.
  • Petro-Canada: Petro-Canada operates a network of EV fast charging stations across Canada, strategically located along major highways for convenient long-distance travel.
  • SemaConnect: SemaConnect offers smart EV charging solutions for commercial, residential, and public applications, focusing on sustainability and innovation.
  • Sun Country: Sun Country operates a network of EV charging stations in California, providing clean and renewable energy solutions for electric vehicle drivers.
  • Supercharger: Tesla’s Supercharger network is a global charging infrastructure designed specifically for Tesla vehicles, offering fast and convenient charging along popular routes.
  • Tesla Destination: Tesla Destination Charging provides EV charging solutions for hotels, restaurants, and other destinations, allowing Tesla owners to charge while they shop, dine, or stay overnight.
  • Volta: Volta operates an extensive network of free EV charging stations in the United States, supported by advertising partnerships with leading brands.
  • Webasto: Webasto offers a range of EV charging solutions, including home chargers and public charging stations, designed to meet the growing demand for electric mobility.
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