How We Verify EV Charger Installers

Updated: 5/4/2024

We take EV Charger Installers as our business partners, and we have a thorough evaluation process for business collaborations and recommendations to our readers, these verification processes and independent research help us ensure we are working with the best EV charger installers, and also recommending legit and trustworthy businesses to our readers who the majority are first-time electric vehicle owners looking forward to simplifying the complex EV charger installation process, we also have readers who are veterans in the space and are looking for an EV charger installer to repair, upgrade or maintain their EV charger set-ups.

Our EV charger installer pre-vetting and verification processes are thorough and complex, so we thought we’d elaborate.

Table of Contents

Before listing EV Charger installers, we conduct a background check on the business to make sure they are installers with certifications and training from organizations like the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) or specific programs offered by charger manufacturers such as Chargepoint, enphase, tesla, and other EV charger installation programs certifications.

We also verify if the installer has valid electrical licenses in each area, by verifying if the business is legal and trustworthy by checking the business registration status through the Secretary of State Database, and State and Local Licensing database. We check the business name, business license number, who has issued the license for geographical jurisdiction purposes, and the license type to ensure they have knowledge and skills for safe and proper installation of residential or commercial EV chargers.

While certifications, training, and licenses are important, we also investigate the experience of the business in EV charger installations, by checking their portfolio, one-on-one interviews with the business owners, and checking online review sites, forums, and independent research for feedback from the business’s previous customers.

We understand most of our readers are first-time electric vehicle owners, looking for an EV charger installer, for this reason, we also extend our vetting process to make sure the businesses listed on our site offer competitive services pricing by benchmarking their pricing structure with our vast database of listed EV charger installers.

Our research and vetting processes don’t end there, we research the business services and onboarding processes, we understand the complex processes involved in residential EV charger installation and commercial EV charger installations, and we check how easy the onboarding process, assessment, and consultation processes of the business to understand the customer’s needs and property characteristics, site survey and evaluation booking and processes, and how informative are some of the proposal and quotation we have been able to verify, although we are not experts on contract and agreement, we check on businesses terms and conditions, payment schedule, and warranty information.

We also check if the business assists the customer in obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities or homeowners’ associations, if required, to ensure compliance with regulations. From there we check if the business has pre-installation instructions or preparations required from the customer, we also interview previous business customers to understand the business communication processes during the installation processes.

We also check if the business conducts comprehensive testing and commissioning of the EV charger to ensure proper functionality and performance, and the warranty they offer for their services, we also check and research the business customer training and support services reviews, mainly on matters regarding usage, maintenance, and safety precautions after the EV charger has been installed.

Two verification badges are offered on the listing pages and landing pages, the first one is the “Certified EV Charger Installer“, if the business passes our Certification and Training, and Business Licensing and Permits” vetting processes.

Our second badge is “Electric Vehicle Geek Recommended Installer” based on the company’s reputation and independent research, An “Electric Vehicle Geek Recommended Installer” will be easy to work with and has thorough yet simple EV charger installation processes that include business services and onboarding processes, permits and approvals processes assistance, business communication processes and how easy it is to contact the business, testing and commissioning services and service warranty, and finally customer training and support services offered by the business. Depending on the ease of working with the business based on the above factors, we assign an Electric Vehicle Geek Recommended Installer five-star rating.