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DC Fast Charging Stations Guide 2024

DC Fast Charging Stations are characterized by more configurations that consist of the connector and inlet standardized by IEC 62196-3 and IEC 61851-23 EV charging standards.

DC Fast Charging Stations are characterized by an inbuilt off-board charger that converts AC power to DC within the charging station and delivers DC power directly to your electric vehicle battery.

The most common electric vehicle charger is the A.C. Charger, which most E.V. owners install in their homes, including malls, airports, community centers, and gas stations. Unlike DC Fast Charging Stations, AC chargers don’t have inbuilt AC-DC converters (off-board charger), and instead send AC power to your electric vehicle, and your electric vehicle on-board AC-DC converter/charger converts AC-DC and delivers DC power to your electric vehicle battery.

It’s important to note that batteries in electric vehicles can only store power as direct current (DC).

What are the main DC Charger Connector Types?

Several electric vehicle DC charger connectors in DC Fast Charging Stations include CSS, CHAdeMO, and Tesla Supercharger.

Common DC Charger connector types are highlighted in the infographic image below:

According to IEC 62196-3, the electric vehicle DC Charger connectors should follow the following configurations:

DC Charger ConfigurationDimension Described inMax. Rated Voltage (V.d.c)Max Rated Current (A)
AA (CHAdeMO)Standard Sheets 3-I600200
BBStandard Sheets 3-II750250
EE (CCS Type 1 DC Charger)Standard Sheets 3-III600200
FF (CCS Type 2 DC Charger)Standard Sheets 3-IV1000200

CHAdeMO DC Charger Connector

The CHAdeMO DC Charger Connector, also known as AA Configuration, is the DC charging standard used in Japan, and It is also common in the United States and Europe.

CHAdeMO DC Charger Connector consists of an electric vehicle connector and an inlet dedicated to support operating voltages up to 600V (+/- D.C) and operating currents of up to 200A, compared to your typical Level 1 electric vehicle charger that uses a standard 120V while a Level 2 AC charger uses a 208/240V AC electric circuit.

CHAdeMO DC Charger Connector consists of a 10pin layout as shown in the infographic image above, two for DC and others such as PE, CP, CP1, CP2, CP3, COM1, COM2, and CS, their use cases are shown in the image above.

Combined Charging System (CCS)

Combined Charging System (CCS) is a DC charging system commonly used in the United States and Europe.

A Combined Charging System (CCS) consists of two configurations. The first one is the EE Configuration, also known as the CCS Type 1, and the FF configuration, also known as the CCS Type 2.

CCS Type 1 DC Charger.

CCS Type 1 DC Charger is called CSS1 or the EE configuration; it’s used in the combined charging system and extends the Type 1 connector.

The CSS1 configuration supports operating voltages of up to 600V (+/- DC) and operating currents up to 200A.

CCS Type 1 DC Chargers are primarily used in North America and Japan.

The infographic details the pin layout of a CSS Type 1 DC Charger as follows:

DC Level 1 Power (DC+)
Control Status (CS) - Monitors Release Switch
Proximity Detection (PD) - Detects Connection Status to Vehicle
Control Pilot (CP) - Controls Communication between EVSE and EV
DC Level 1 Power (DC-)
DC Level 2 Power (DC+)
DC Level 2 Power (DC-)

CCS Type 2 DC Charger.

CCS Type 2 DC Charger is also called CSS2 or the FF configuration; it’s used within the combined charging system and extends the type 2 coupler.

The CSS2 configuration consists of an electric coupler dedicated to operating voltages of up to 100V (+/- DC) and operating currents up to 200A.

The CCS Type 2 DC Charger is mostly used in Europe.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Superchargers are high-voltage direct current (DC) fast-charging stations for Tesla electric cars built by American vehicle manufacturer Tesla, Inc.

For the European Tesla Model 3, American vehicle manufacturer Tesla uses the CCS2 standard charger.
Tesla Supercharger
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